Video Is Great for Your E-Commerce SEO Services, But Don’t Put It On Auto Play


Are you using e-commerce seo services to increase the traffic to your site? Most seo agencies will upload videos to your pages as part of your on page seo. It keeps people on your page longer and makes your site more relevant to the search engines. The important thing is your video shouldn’t be on autoplay. Your customers should have the ability to choose to watch your video or not. After all, you don’t like watching ads in the middle of a video you wanted to watch. Can you imagine how you would feel to be forced to watch a video every time you went on a website? Here’s a few reasons why.

Your On Page SEO Shouldn’t Attract Attention to Your Customers

Having a video on your website can definitely keep customers on your site longer and it’s a great addition to your on page seo. However, it can backfire on you if you have it set to auto play. If your customers are at work, school, or church, and they open your site and a video starts playing, you’ve unfairly drawn attention to them. Guess what? Instead of having a video that keeps people on your site longer, your autoplaying video has now forced someone off of their site within a matter of seconds. So, put it in the hands of your customers. Let them click on your video. If you don’t know how to adjust the settings of your video, call your seo agency and have them do it for you.

By the Way, Make It a Testimonial to Enhance Your SEO Efforts

Plenty of people have an introduction video or an explainer video on their home page. Some people will want to watch those kinds of videos and some people couldn’t care less. After all, your website is providing sufficient content for them to understand your services or product. What about a testimonial video? That may be more interesting to people. It’s not you, it your customers talking to them. It’s people who have successfully used your service. In fact, they trust your service so much, they were willing to be in a video promoting those services. It’s one of the best way to sell your services, because it’s honest and trustworthy.

To make the most of your video include a special offer at the end of the video. It could be a coupon code or a special discount. It’s just a reward for watching the video and it’ll let you gauge how effective your video is. If no one redeems the offer, then people are most likely not watching your video. They also might not enjoy your offer. So, have your seo team change the video and the offer until something clicks.